Wednesday, December 8

No Longer An "It"

We had our third ultrasound yesterday at the doctor for my checkup at 22 weeks (right on the verge of starting the 6 month). The scan above reveals that the little human growing inside me is in fact a boy. (The arrow is pointing to the tip of his boy part) ; ) He definitely wasn't being shy about it either. The doctor even said that the baby looked like he really wanted to let us know he was definitely a boy. So I'm very happy to no longer refer to him as an "it"! I'm also excited he's a boy because that is really what I wanted to have first. 

I think we are going to name him Brock Grayson Vandegriff. It's not set in stone yet, but that's what we've both agreed on for a while, and it seems to have stuck. Brock is my maiden name and I've always liked the sound of it as a boy's name. Grayson means either "son of the gray-haired man" or "son of the wise man" depending on which baby name book you look at. I liked it for the second meaning.

This was, by far, my favorite appointment yet with the doctor because we got to watch the baby on the ultrasound for such a long time. It was fascinating seeing him moving around in there and seeing all the various limbs and parts that are forming at such a fast pace. The scan above is of the top of his head and shows the measurements from ear to ear. His feet were tucked up in front of his face (he's a contortionist apparently) and we got a clear shot of his little toes at one point. You can see them a little on the left with his big toe sticking out.

This picture is just his little belly. It's harder to see, but it's the kind of round looking bubble toward the middle right of the screen. According to his measurements in the left column, his head puts him at about 21 weeks and 6 days old, and his belly puts him at 22 weeks and 4 days old. Fatty : )

Here's a shot of his face. He's on his side looking directly at the "camera" with the little arrow pointing to his chin. It's sort of creepy looking to me, but I do like how he kind of seems to have a big smile on his face (the doctor said he's singing).

This last scan was of his thigh and side. The doctor also measured the length of his legs to check his growth rates, and according to that measurement he's 23 weeks and 3 days old. Hopefully he'll be tall like his dad, not short like his mom. : )  You can see his little ribs leaning over his leg. The ribs go sideways across the top of the screen with his bottom on the left and what I think would be his left leg curved underneath. (It doesn't look comfortable at all to me!)

So that's our baby... at least so far. I love knowing what he is now and thinking of him in terms of a little boy and being able to actually refer to him with a name. I wish I could have taken the ultrasound machine home with me because I think I could sit and watch him forever on that screen, but I guess getting to look at him for hours and hours is what we can look forward to in a few months (only then he'll be able to make noises and bad smells so he won't be quite as easy to handle as he is now).

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