Thursday, March 17

The Waiting Game

Ok, first of all, does anyone see the countdown ticker at the top of this blog and how it says our baby is the size of a watermelon now?! Judging by the way I feel, I don't doubt that one bit, but have you looked at a watermelon lately? That's basically what is inside my stomach... I really just can't completely wrap my mind around that (which is probably a good thing because then I'd be a lot more anxious than I already am about the birthing of this watermelon). Here we are though, 37 weeks, with nothing left to do now but wait.

I went to the doctor today and I am two centimeters dilated (same as last week) and about 70% effaced (10% more than last week). He seemed pleased with that but told me to keep my legs crossed this next week because he's going out of town on vacation. My mother-in-law will be out of town during this time too, so hopefully Brock stays put a little while longer. I haven't had any contractions yet, or well, if I have I'm not aware of what they feel like, but I've had every other discomfort in the book I think. The most recent development would be pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel which is basically tingling numbness in my hands that prevents me from doing anything where my fingers have to work together to complete a task: writing, picking things up, brushing my hair, etc. This pleasant little symptom apparently likes nighttime the best because it flares up with a vengeance while I'm trying to sleep. So now I not only have hip pain, a huge stomach, and a dime-sized bladder fighting to keep me awake at night but I can also add to that mix the thousand tiny needles that attack my hands every hour or so. I may actually get more sleep when the baby does finally come.

Speaking of hip pain, I'm pretty sure that Brock has taken up residence on my left hip. I think I've made my last pre-baby trip to the grocery store that I'll be able to make because I was almost certain I was going to have to get one of those motorized carts at Walmart when I went last week. Several times my hips would just lock up, which was incredibly painful and slightly embarassing as it would stop me in my tracks. I mostly played it off I think and would just pretend I saw something on the aisle I really wanted, but I'm sure my walking patterns looked odd to anyone who might have been paying attention.

So aside from the heartburn, overactive sweat glands, swollen hands and feet, and general exhaustion I'm feeling great! We got all of the baby clothes washed (thank you Mom for your help) and I finally got all of his tiny, little socks matched back together. The car seat is installed, the room is set up, and all the thank you cards have been completed and mailed out (considering all the gifts we received, that may be what brought on the carpal tunnel haha). I must give props to Blaine too for all of the extra help and attention he has given me lately; not to get all mushy, but I really am grateful for such a wonderful, caring husband to be my teammate in all this. At this point I think everyone is mostly ready for Brock to make his appearance, after next week of course. So now we're just waiting...

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