Thursday, May 19

Two Months

The babe is two months old today. We survived two months, which is something to celebrate (I think I'll post another blog about how difficult it really is having a newborn just so I can remember with our subsequent children). Brock went to the doctor today for his checkup and immunizations (so sad). He now weighs 11 pounds, 10 ounces (about the 50th percentile), so he gained 2 lbs, 2 oz since last month. He is 22 1/4 inches long, up one inch from last month, but this is only about the 28th percentile so he's a little short for his age right now. He's going to be like his mom - growing horizontally instead of vertically ;)

Here are some of Brock's accomplishments and patterns this past month:
  • He moved to the crib in his own room at 5 weeks and now takes all his naps there too.
  • He smiled his first smile around 6 weeks, which was incredibly rewarding and finally made him seem like more of a real person to me and not as much of a blob.
  • His first public outing was at 6 weeks when we went to the Cornbread Festival (you might be a redneck if your first public outing is to the Cornbread Festival), and he went to church for the first time the next day, on May 1.
  • He can stay awake for longer periods of time now but usually no more than an hour or so. He loves watching the ceiling fan and occasionally he'll engage with us and watch our faces when we talk to him.
  • He eats every 3 to 3.5 hours like clockwork during the day and generally goes 4 to 5 hours at night. Last night he actually slept from 11:00 to 6:00 which was very exciting for me!
  • He outgrew his newborn clothes and diapers at about 5 weeks old. He's also starting to get too long for the boppy lounger which makes me kind of sad because we have gotten such good use out of that thing (see my favorite things post).
  • He's gaining more control of his arms but still needs to be swaddled to sleep well. He also loves kicking and stretching his legs and isn't so squished up like he was the first month.
  • He's still not a big fan of tummy time and pretty much yells at us after a few minutes of it, but he's gaining a lot more head control and can almost hold it up by himself when sitting. He likes sitting in the bumbo seat to get exercise.
  • He can imitate some of our facial expressions like sticking out his tongue and raising his eyebrows and smiling.
  • He got me flowers for Mother's Day. Blaine said Brock told him that's what he wanted to get me.
  • He's a very content baby and pretty easygoing, and he loves to sleep.
  • He's making fewer dirty diapers each day, which probably doesn't excite anyone but me.
Here is the side by side comparison of the 1st and 2nd month pictures. The two month picture was taken right after he'd eaten so his belly is a little swollen. I don't think it's always that fat.
And the bandaids are from his doctor's appointment today; poor baby.

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  1. Precious! Ok, I AM coming to see him next week! :)