Friday, June 24

Friday Photos - Yum, Hand

I'm reading and seeing that the time between the third and the fourth months is just full of new developments and milestones that you can actually observe. It's very interesting to watch Brock acquire new skills almost every day, even though these "skills" would probably be completely overlooked by anyone who is not his mom or dad (or maybe grandparent). They aren't hugely significant in and of themselves but when you start out with this little creature who does nothing at first, you really notice it when he starts to do anything.

Which leads me to this week's "skill". Brock is finally figuring out that his hands and arms are connected to his body and aren't just some scary flailing devices sent to endlessly torture him. He's learning to control them with his very own brain, and he is realizing that his hands can double as pacifiers. I love the noise he makes when he sucks on his fist, and I thought it was pretty funny that he even gave himself a couple of small hickies (that's probably the only time in his life that I'll think it's funny though). Right now he prefers the fist over any individual fingers, but for some reason I have a feeling he'll end up being a thumb-sucker.

P.S. I'm loving Google's free photo editing software Picasa right now. It's very easy and has a lot of fun features (like these photo collages).


  1. Oh Shelby you make me laugh! Adorable pictures! I thought it was hilarious when my nephew gave himself hickeys on his hand too :)


  2. So cute! It is so cool of you to share what is happening in your world as a new parent! Your humor is richly valued!

  3. What a precious chunky monkey! He is just too cute and I love all his little rolls. I hope you guys are doing well. I can't believe he is getting so big. We need to get together soon!