Friday, August 19

Friday Photo - Feed Me

I was going to just post Brock's monthly update in place of the Friday Photo this week since he turned 5 months old today, but time got away from me (Translation: I got an urge to rearrange the setup of our living room this afternoon) so I'll just have to save that for another day. Anyway, I figured I need to get some pictures up of Brock eating from a spoon while it's still kind of new to him. So that's what I chose for this week's Friday Photo.

My three favorite things about these pictures:
  1. How redneck my baby looks with just a diaper and bib on and his fat belly hanging out in that top right picture.
  2. How I'm holding his hands down in every picture. I have a strong aversion to messes and cleaning them up (mostly the cleaning up part).
  3. How my skin and Brock's skin are about the same sunless, white color. We're going for the "less wrinkles in 30 years" look, thank you.

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