Friday, April 20

Friday Photos - Better than White Water

For Brock's birthday, Blaine and I bought him a water table because it combines two of his favorite things: He loves being outside and loves playing in water (whether it's his bath or the dog's water bowl). One afternoon I set it up in our front yard and let him have at it. I don't even think we'll ever need to take him to any water parks because this thing was plenty of entertainment. Who needs White Water when you have your very own water table?! Seriously though, I was happy because I think we'll definitely get our money's worth out of this thing over the summer. Two thumbs up for water tables!

Drinking the water, which I'm sure was perfectly clean and sanitary
(Disclaimer: No plastic figurines were harmed in the making of these photos)
He loves spinning the water wheel and watching the water fly everywhere
I had my own fun with the water table as well

And the best part, his shirt unintentionally went along with the water theme

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