Saturday, January 1

Merry Christmas Brock!

Even though he hasn't made his arrival yet, Brock received several Christmas gifts. Here are a few pictures of the cute little things he was given. I guess he was on Santa's nice list this year... let's hope it stays that way next year too!

Grandmother (Kathy) got Brock several outfits, including this matching "cowboy" set with a little horse bib. I was a big fan of the star on the booty as you can see.

I love these socks that look like shoes that were a gift from Michelle and cousin River.  

This was Dad's favorite gift from Grandmama (Elaine). He was a big fan of sock monkeys when he was a kid, and she found this sock monkey jack-in-the-box. I don't think Blaine really wanted to give it up, and I'm actually not sure that he did, but he is at least letting it sit on the bookshelf in Brock's room for the time being.

And here are all the outfits Brock was given for Christmas (minus one sleeper that wouldn't fit in the picture). I am very much looking forward to dressing him up in all of them, and I couldn't help but think about next year's Christmas when he'll be almost nine months old and crawling around opening his own presents. Things are going to be very different for our little family next year I believe, but we're very excited about the changes in store!


  1. SO Brock is the name? cool! Love the sock monkey!

  2. Yeah, TJ, we decided to officially go with Brock Grayson Vandegriff for his name. I'm glad you like it : ) And Blaine is a big fan of the sock monkey too! haha

  3. Was Brock your Maiden name or did I make that up? Ha!

  4. haha yeah Brock was my maiden name.. you didn't make it up : )