Monday, January 17

A Sad Farewell to Trimester #2

Well, I'm about 28 weeks along now which means I'm in the seventh month and starting the third trimester. While I'm happy that everything is going well with the pregnancy and that the baby seems to be progressing at a healthy rate, I'm a little sad to see the second trimester end, especially since this third one looks to be coming in at full force. So I thought I'd make a list of some of the things I will miss about my second trimester and at the same time point out why I’m already a little unexcited about the third.

I will miss... 
·         Having enough energy to complete the tasks on my to-do list (not just come up with the list)
·         Being able to fairly easily get into and out of the car or the bed or just chairs in general (instead of feeling like a beached whale that needs a kick start every time I move)
·         Feeling relatively free of aches and pains (rather than feeling as though my hips, ribs, and spine are all shifting into places they don’t naturally want to go)
·         Needing a maximum of two Tums per day (I’m either going to have to visit Sam’s for econo-sized antacids or swear off ketchup, mustard, citrus fruit, Italian, and Mexican food until this is over)
·         Being able to put on socks and shoes or pick up something I drop (without feeling like my face is turning purple or that I’m about to pass out)
·         Having enough room to sleep in our full-sized bed (instead of needing a body pillow that is equivalent to having a third person there with us)

All joking and complaining aside though, I think I have had a fairly easy pregnancy so far, and according to some of the stories I’ve heard I really don’t have too much to grumble or whine about. We go back to the doctor in two weeks and we’ll get more pictures of Brock at that appointment. We’re getting his nursery all ready and have most of the furniture now, so I hope to post pictures of that soon. As a matter of fact, as I write this I’m sitting in the glider rocker we got today for his room, and I may have found the seat I will occupy for these remaining 2 ½ months because it’s feeling pretty comfortable! : )

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