Friday, March 16

Friday Photos - Bedhead and Grins

We've had a really great week this week. I don't know if it was the time change or the weather or his new teeth or that he knows he's about to have a birthday party and get lots of presents, but Brock has been smiley and silly and sweet all week. It's been very nice. He woke up from a nap one afternoon with a serious case of bedhead. He must have been sleeping hard because he had a line on his face, his cheeks were all flushed, and his hair was sticking up everywhere. I wanted to get some pictures of his hair because it looked so cute to me, and after I took the first few shots, he really started putting on the grins. I guess he's learning how to work the camera. These big smiles have been coming out a lot lately though, and I'm loving it. It's like he's trying to show off every new tooth he's gotten. I'm really hoping he'll keep the grins up for his one-year pictures next week with the talented Kristen Jeffers.

Here's the bedhead I was referring to. He woke up with it like this.

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