Friday, May 11

Friday Photo in Motion - Learning

Brock can't say a whole lot of words yet. His vocabulary consists mostly of the following: truck, star, dog, shoe, dada, mama (occasionally), drink, ouch, apple, and achoo. And even most of those he only really says the first consonant (like "ch, ch" is truck, and "sh, sh" is shoe), but I count them as words anyway. He may not be able to say a ton of things yet, but he does seem to be understanding more and  more every day. My favorite is when he learns something without us even intentionally teaching it to him. Like one evening after bath time, I asked him where his brush was, and he grabbed it and then attempted to brush his hair with it. I knew he knew what a brush was, but I didn't realize, until he did that, that he knew what you were supposed to do with a brush, and I guess he had just seen me doing it and figured it out. We have a little picture book that Blaine picked out before Brock was born called First 100 Words (shown below), and it seems like every week Brock can show me where a new object is, and it's interesting to see him figuring these things out.

Last Saturday morning, I recorded him playing in his room for a few minutes after breakfast. He doesn't really interact with the picture book here as much as he normally will, but I thought I'd post this video as the Friday Photo because it shows some of the words he's learning and some of the things he understands. Also note that he is no longer doing the army crawl and can now get around on all fours like a normal baby... still waiting on the walking part.

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