Friday, June 8

Learning Time

Blaine has an app on his iPad that he uses to make video lessons for his students, and he was doing some experimenting this week while he was watching Brock for me. He googled pictures of some of Brock's favorite words/objects and put them into a video, with a little audio help from Brock. Blaine, the language fanatic, wants to teach Brock to speak German as well as English, so when you hear the foreign words in the video, those are the German vocabulary.

Brock has learned how to say "Hey" and it's probably my favorite word of his because it sounds so sweet and is so clear. You'll hear it a few times in this video. He particularly likes to say it to cats and dogs so listen for it when the picture of the kitten comes up. He also says "baby" and "choo choo" and "airplane" although that sounds more like "ah-tuh". And listen for his little squeal when the picture of the TV comes up and Blaine says "Yo Gabba Gabba". Brock does that every time we say Yo Gabba Gabba.

Anyway, that's enough with the description. Here's the link to the video. Enjoy! :)

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  1. Very proud of Brock! His daddy is a little crazy, but I'm sure Brock will help him! Ha! You have good parents Brock!