Thursday, August 2

A-B-C, Easy as 1-2-3

I haven't posted to the blog in too long. Our summer schedule has been hectic and non-stop. Now that Brock is only taking one nap a day and stays awake til about 9:00 at night, I barely have enough time to keep myself and my house cleaned, so blogging has kind of been put on the back-burner for a little while. I do hope to get back into it soon, but in the meantime here is a little of what we are doing these days.

Brock learned how to walk this week (Finally, geez! 16.5 months, what a lazy bum). Crawling is still his preferred mode of transportation because he's still faster and more efficient that way, but I imagine in the next week or so he'll make the full transition. Here is a little video we took tonight of his new skill. (Please disregard all the junk laying around our living room; I have about 5 different projects going on right now.)

So there's the physical development. Now for the mental side of things. Blaine has been watching these YouTube videos with Brock all summer long. They're really simple and use trains to introduce different things like the alphabet, numbers, shapes, fruits, and animals, and Brock loves them. Blaine would watch them with him every day, and then one evening we were saying some letters and Brock started saying the ones that followed. Like I would say B then he would say C, and he could even pick out some of the letters on his letter blocks when I would ask him. The only way he could have learned this was from those videos, so I'm now telling all of my friends about them so they can teach their children without having to actually do anything ;) Here is the link to the channel that all the videos are on: Vidz 4 Kidz.

While I had the video camera out tonight, I went ahead and got a video of Brock saying some of his letters and numbers. I videotaped him in the bathtub because that's his favorite time to do the alphabet. He gets his bath crayons and draws on the tub and pretends he is writing his ABC's, so when you can't see his face in the video, that's what he is doing. (In this video, please disregard our ugly concrete bathtub walls. That's on our future projects list.)

So, no need to worry, life is continuing on, even with my lack of blog posts. Maybe I'll have more in future days (because I'm sure everyone is dying to know about our lives).

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  1. Brock is supper smart his and his verbal skills wow! I'm glad to know ya'll watch channel 3 lol!