Tuesday, October 16

Cell Phone Photo Dump

I had some random pictures on my cell phone that I needed to delete to open up some space, so I thought I'd dump them all here because they make me smile and I may want to remember them. Nothing fancy about this post, just some recent candid photos of my goofy boy.

He put on his hat all by himself

A big, poofy coat and it was only like 65 degrees outside. 

I heard him giggling in the back seat and turned around to find this 

Riding the choo choo at Northgate Mall with cousin Anna.
I love how gender specific we are with their clothing.

He found some cheez-its in the pantry, pulled the bag out of the box and
hoisted himself up on the couch to relax and watch Ellen with me.

In no way is this truck supposed to be a riding truck, but he made it into one

Playing together nicely... at least that's what I'm assuming.
I didn't stand there long enough to find out for sure.

Walking the dog 

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