Monday, October 29

News and a Name Change

In case you didn't notice the blog's name change, and in case Brock's t-shirt hasn't quite clicked in your brain yet, I'll go ahead and state the obvious... We're having another baby :)

I'm about 11 weeks pregnant, and we've known for a few weeks now, but I wanted to wait until I got Brock's t-shirt in the mail to announce it. Then when I got the shirt, Brock came down with that nasty rash and I didn't want to make the announcement with him looking like he was a leper. So finally I got some pictures this weekend to let everyone know our news. As you can tell, B is super excited (his face in that picture makes me laugh).

Here's the ultrasound picture we got at the 8-week appointment.
Very enlightening, I know. But it does amaze me to see a little heartbeat and to look at that tiny little bean-shaped human and know that it's my baby and that eventually it will be as big as Brock is now and will add so much more joy to our family.

In the meantime, I'm trying to keep my meals down, trying not to be depressed that my pants are already getting tight, and trying not to think about the long, slow, painful process of training another baby to sleep 12 hours a night. We wanted our kids to be fairly close in age, and the timing will be perfect because Blaine will be on summer break for a couple of months, but I have to admit there are days when I think, "Oh crap, what have we done?"

It should all make for some interesting blog posts at least. P.S. If we're taking bets, I'm pretty sure this one is a girl because I have had so much more sickness and discomfort already than I ever did with Brock.

Here are some random pictures I got while trying to get the perfect shot of Brock (which I never accomplished since he would never smile when the shirt was visible). These make me smile though.

"No more pictures please, Mother"
"Ok, just one more since I'm making this sweet face"


  1. So happy for you guys! Bet it is a girl too! Mom was way sick with me and not with Justin!

  2. Sounds like a girl! Congratulations! So happy for you all! Madeline Ellis

  3. I'm not guessing cause I was sick as ever with Caleb and never even felt pregnant with Emily. But I guess since you are having opposite symptoms, it is completely possible it's a girl this time! :) Brock will be an awesome big brother whatever God chooses him to have, a sister or a brother! :)