Friday, July 15

Friday Photo in Motion

What's better than a Friday photo? A Friday video, of course! I have kind of developed an unintended theme with my Friday photos in that every week I've been posting new skills or fun things that Brock is learning and doing. I was all set to post some pictures of him holding a little ball and talk about how he's becoming so much more aware and can really grasp things with his hands now, but Brock decided he had something better to show off this week. And the video camera was more suitable than the regular camera for capturing this skill.

Just in the past two days, he has started making some really interesting sounds. Up until this point, Brock's "talking" consisted mostly of spitting, grunting, and the occasional "ahh" sound. Thursday morning he got the hiccups twice and I noticed both times that every time he would hiccup, he would make a long noise afterward. I figured he was just voicing his frustration with the hiccups and didn't think too much of it. Then that afternoon he started really showing interest in this conversation thing and said all kinds of stuff to my sister, his aunt, Shanna. That evening he was sitting in my lap and decided he had more information to share with us, so Blaine grabbed the video camera before the moment passed and this is what we caught. Listen closely for the surprise ending; Brock's grand finale.

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