Friday, July 8

Friday Photos - Snuggles

Have I mentioned yet how glad I am that Brock is not a newborn anymore? This third month has been a pretty fun one as Mr. B becomes more and more social and interactive. One thing we've noticed lately is how he likes to snuggle soft objects that we place on his chest. I first observed him doing this with little blankets when I would try to cover him up. We pretty much just leave him in a diaper most of the day at home if we're not going anywhere because he's very hot-natured and gets sweaty in his bed if we have clothes on him. So rather than take clothes off and on for every nap, we just let him hang out partially nude all day. (I know all those "babies-need-socks-on-constantly" ladies may flip out about this revelation, but trust me, we make sure he doesn't get cold). Anyway, when I lay blankets over him during playtime, he either kicks vigorously until they're completely off or he bunches them up with his fists and shoves them in his mouth. After several repeat instances of this, we decided to see what else he would snuggle with in this violent manner, and as evidenced in the pictures below, it's pretty much anything we give him. There was one big, soft stuffed block that was just too large for him to squish close to himself but other than that, every little item we placed on his chest became an immediate snuggle pal.

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