Friday, July 29

Friday Photos - You're So Vain

Brock is holding his head up a lot better these days. It took him a while to get the hang of it because it's such a ginormous head (80th percentile), but now that he's getting a little steadier we're finally going to get some use out of all the "must-have" toys and seats and baby entertainers that have just been collecting dust since my baby showers. My mom wanted to test out Brock's little jumping seat today so we stuck him in it (with a blanket behind his back just for safety's sake since he's still a bit of a weeble wobble) and he seemed to enjoy it. However, I think I have a vain little child on my hands because he immediately latched onto the toy with the mirror and would not peel himself away from it for anything. Even when I tried to turn the seat toward other toys he actually turned himself back to continue gazing at the mirror. Apparently he saw something he liked in that mirror. Then he decided he wanted to eat it. (My favorite is the black and white one in the top right corner where it looks like he's saying, "Man what a handsome stud I am!") He's obviously too sexy for his shirt... that's why he's once again in the nude (or maybe it's because it was like 190 degrees outside today!).

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