Friday, October 21

Friday Photos - Mittens

I found these mittens in a bag of clothes my stepmom gave us for Brock and I've had them sitting out on his changing table for about a week now, but I don't really know why because they're way too big for him and it's not even that cold outside yet. I think my brain hasn't been able to come up with a good place that they can be stored, so I've just left them out until something strikes me as an appropriate home for the mittens. (That explains a lot of the clutter in my house... my brain has a hard time fitting everything in its place.)

Anyway, every time I change Brock, he grabs the mittens and eats them so he's clearly a fan. I decided I needed to show him the correct use of these mittens before he starts thinking they're only for eating, so after a bath one day this week I stuck them on his little hands and, of course, grabbed my camera. I think he is ready for winter and the cold weather now, if we could only find him some clothes.

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