Friday, October 14

Friday Photos - Teething Fun

This week we tried out a new baby product. We got these little Munchkin brand mesh feeder things at Target a while back, and my sister-in-law mentioned to me last week their usefulness for teething. Since Brock has been trying to cut his bottom two teeth for a while, he's been a little irritable on occasion and I've been giving him all kinds of teether toys to try to ease the pain. With these feeders, you can put in fresh fruit or vegetables and babies can chew and suck on them without getting any pieces that they could choke on. My sister-in-law said she freezes a piece of banana, and her daughter loves how it feels on her gums with the added bonus of the sweet taste. I didn't have any bananas on hand but I did have some grapes, so I peeled them, cut them in halves, and stuck them in the feeder to see how Brock would like it. I think his exact response was, "Nom, nom, nom."

I think he might have been getting a little sleepy here

Occasionally he puts the wrong end in his mouth

Lip-smacking good!
"No more pictures please"

It may just be because I'm his mom, but this kid makes me smile!

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