Friday, November 11

Friday Photo - Puffs

Brock is learning how to chew now. Or at least, he's learning how to suck on something until it dissolves and doesn't choke him. We've been giving him those little Puff snacks that kind of look and taste slightly like styrofoam but they melt in your mouth (or anywhere else if they come in contact with water). I started offering the puffs to him at about 6 months, but he would try to immediately swallow them and would always gag, so I figured I should probably wait a little while longer. We haven't really given him any table food because he hasn't gotten the chewing reflex down yet, but I figured the puffs would be good practice and maybe help him figure it out. The past couple of weeks he has started doing a lot better with them, and he knows now that he has to hold them in his mouth for a few seconds first. Sometimes he chews but mostly I think he just sucks on them. He's kind of figuring out how to feed himself with them too, but it's difficult because he grabs them with his fist and then can't quite understand how to transfer them from his closed fist to his mouth. I took some pictures of him this week enjoying the puffs at snack time.

The camera became more interesting than the puffs at this point.
Check out his two little teeth on the bottom, if you can see them.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of him now. I love his big blue eyes and long eyelashes. His mom thinks he's quite a handsome boy!

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