Friday, February 10

Friday Photo in Motion - Boogie Fever

First I should mention that I did change my blog template, in case anyone was worried they were in the wrong place. I just needed a little aesthetic update because my eyes were tired of looking at the same colors/patterns. Anyway, on to the main point...

Brock has learned how to dance. Well, sort of. It's his version of dancing at least, and really it's probably not much different from the way Blaine or I dance (which is not very well and not very often and generally not in front of people). He has a little Fisher Price Dance & Wiggle dog that my dad and stepmom gave him for Christmas, and he has been fascinated by it from day one. A few weeks ago he learned how to push the buttons to make it play, and in the past week or so I noticed he would start bouncing/dancing to the music when it was on. Sometimes he really gets into it. This video was kind of just half-hearted dancing because he was distracted by the video camera so you don't get the full effect, but I thought it was cute anyway. Other noteworthy moments in the video are the weird cough-laugh that he starts doing for some reason and then the glimpse of his lazy-man crawl at the end (instead of getting on his knees, he still just kind of drags his legs behind him like they're paralyzed, but oh well, whatever works).

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