Friday, February 3

Friday Photos - Sunny Days

We've been taking advantage of the amazing weather this past week and soaking up some afternoon sunshine in our driveway. This is one ridiculously warm and pleasant "winter" so far, but I'm fine with that because it definitely beats being cooped up in the house with a newly adventurous baby who quickly gets bored. Brock likes having his snack while roaming around in the walker, which apparently has a magnetic attraction to the road because that's where he always ends up running as I chase after him. Anyway, I went a little camera crazy so I've got plenty of pictures to share this week.

"What? Is there something in my new teeth?"
This is the busy kid I was referring to... He is constantly trying to get into something or play with something he's not supposed to or turn something over. And he can't even walk yet...
"Yaaay!" He loves to clap his hands these days

He has to wave bye to all the cars that drive by

Piper: "Hey, Brock, what's that over there?"
Sneaky dog is also a fan of the snack that smiles back (Goldfish)

Then we had to turn our hat backwards and do a little car maintenance,
complete with tire grease on the fingers and everything.

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