Saturday, February 18

Friday Photos on Saturday - Two Front Teeth

Oops... I completely forgot to post the Friday Photos yesterday. I had them but just got busy and didn't remember them. So they're a day late this week.

Brock's top two front teeth finally came in last week, so now he has a total of four: two on top and two on the bottom. He's happy because he can chomp things and grit/grind his teeth together to make a new noise. I'm happy because he's no longer excessively irritable and fussy and whiney and because he can sleep again without waking up crying. His pediatrician doesn't believe in teething (as in, he doesn't believe it causes them pain), but I have a difference of opinion on this matter because Brock is like a different baby now that they finally broke through. Anyway, I took some pictures of his little teeth this week. He has a gap in the top two which may be hereditary; his aunt (my sister), uncle (Blaine's brother), and two cousins all have one. I like his little gap-toothed grin though; it gives him character.

This is his new "ugly face" he likes to make with his nose scrunched up and his lip snarled and his teeth showing. We're not huge fans. Blaine says he looks like some kind of parasite off of X-files.
This is him grinding his top and bottom teeth together to make an awful, nails on a chalkboard noise
And these last two have nothing to do with his teeth. I just like them a lot. Love my blue-eyed baby.

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  1. Love it! Thanks for your kind comment on my post! The pics of Brock are so cute!