Friday, January 27

Friday Photos - BFFs

Yesterday afternoon Brock and I went to visit his future Best Friend Forever (BFF), Owen. Alright, realistically I know we can't force a friendship on these two, but I'm really hoping they end up being best buddies and want to play together all the time so it will give me and my best friend (Owen's mommy, Kerri) constant excuses to hang out.

Owen turned two months old last week and is just getting cuter and cuter by the day. I know you're supposed to believe your own kid is the most beautiful, most adorable thing in the world, but I don't know, I'm thinking Owen gets that prize in my book. He is the sweetest little guy, smiling and just so content watching everyone in the room. I love his dark, feathery hair that sticks up in random places and his chubby little cheeks. There really is just too much cuteness for one baby in that little boy!

Anyway, I wanted to get some pictures of our two boys "getting to know" each other. Brock has met Owen before, but this was the first time Owen seemed to be aware of Brock, so I'm considering this the start of their never-ending friendship. I think they liked each other.

I started out with Brock sitting a little far away from Owen because I wasn't sure how "gentle" he would be and didn't want any injuries, but they didn't even really notice each other.

So we moved a little closer. "Hi friend!"

Look at that sweet, little smile! They seemed pretty interested and curious.

I had to turn the flash off because it was hurting Owen's eyes.

Watch out, ladies... these two handsome guys might mean trouble.

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  1. Thanks for posting those adorable pictures Shelby! I'm sure they will be best buds just like their mommas are :) They are both beautiful little men (don't tell their daddies I called them beautiful). Love, Nanny Stock