Thursday, January 12

Home Videos

I always love watching old home videos of my sister and myself when we were little, and I always wish there were more of them. They're such a fun glimpse into parts of your childhood that you probably wouldn't otherwise remember or know about. With all that in mind, I bought a video camera before Brock was born so that we could capture lots of great moments of his childhood (even if they are totally insignificant or mundane moments). I think it's safe to say he will probably never have to wish there were more home videos of him as a baby.

I thought I'd post a couple of videos I've taken lately that I find entertaining (although that means nothing really, since I'm a partial mom). This first video is just him trying out his new walker that his Papaw and Mamaw (my dad and stepmom) got him for Christmas. I love seeing him run around the living room in it and he really seems to enjoy the autonomy. I would like to preface the video with the fact that this was only a few days after Christmas so there is junk laying around everywhere in our living room. Don't judge me for my untidy house... Apparently I'm too busy videotaping my baby to clean.

This second video is Brock showing off some of his new skills. He's been learning to mimic a bunch of the noises and sounds we make. There are a few different sounds he will consistently copy if he hears us do them: A cough, a squeal or screech, a grunt (contrary to where you may think he originally heard this noise, it was actually just from Blaine stretching at the breakfast table one morning), and a laugh. The laugh cracks me up because when he hears us laughing hard he does it too, but it's not his real laugh, it's some fake laugh that I guess he thinks sounds like ours, and it's just funny to hear him start doing it when we're laughing at something. Anyway, here are his sounds for your viewing pleasure:

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