Friday, January 6

Friday Photos - Puppy Love

Our dog, Piper, is actually like our first child. She sleeps in the bed with us (under the covers, I might add), and she has to be right in the middle of anything we are doing. We've made her rotten, and she always wants our attention and love. She used to suffer from separation anxiety and would chew up everything in sight when we left her alone (including her beds, the carpet in our previous apartment, and once, my Bible), but we fixed that with some positive reinforcement (like giving her fantastic treats every time we leave the house) so she's really a pretty good dog now. She and Blaine have a very sweet relationship (sometimes it's a little weird) and they love each other like I've never seen a human and a dog love before.

When Brock came along, we were both a little worried how she would react to him. She's never met a person she didn't like, and she's always very sweet to people, but Brock would be taking our attention away from her, so we were afraid she would be jealous and possibly mean to him. She's definitely had her moments where you can tell she's not his fan, but those moments are starting to become a thing of the past as he gets more playful and interactive (and as he's started eating finger foods and dropping them for her). Just in the past couple of months, he has really become fascinated by her and loves to watch her and "pet" (or pinch) her. He even has a little noise he makes that seems to be his way of calling her, just a little shriek that he does when he's looking for her. She has shown a lot of patience and gentleness with him and lets him crawl all over her and grab her tail, which has really been encouraging to me and Blaine because now we know we aren't going to have to kill her for biting him.

One day this week Blaine had Brock on his shoulders and sat down in his office chair for a minute when Piper jumped in his lap (she considers an open lap an invitation to cuddle). So I grabbed the camera to take some pictures of my three favorite creatures in the world.

Can't you just see the patience and tolerance in her eyes?
And here, she's saying, "Can we be done with this already?" (Blaine might be saying that too)

My two guys... I know it's sappy and obnoxious to say it out loud, but I really couldn't ask for more than these two right here.

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