Friday, September 16

Friday Photos - Random

Well, I'm a little sad because I had some very amusing pictures of Brock with prunes all over his face that I wanted to post as this week's Friday photos, but I left my camera at church tonight in preparation for my friend's baby shower tomorrow and all my pictures are still on my camera.

Butttttt I can't not (double negative?) post a picture today since it is Friday, and I have been so good about doing it every week up to this point. So instead of the well-planned, well-edited fancy pictures, this week it's just going to be a couple of random cell phone shots I snapped. Hope they're not too disappointing!

This first one is what happened when I set Brock up on the couch and propped him between the cushions. I walked away for just a second (literally it was only like 5 seconds so please don't scold me for leaving the baby alone on the couch) and when I came right back, this is what he looked like. And it made me laugh because he was looking at me like, "What the heck just happened?" (Is it ok for babies to say what the heck?) Obviously, I won't be leaving him alone on the couch even for 5 seconds now since he can clearly maneuver himself pretty quickly, whether intentionally or not.

The second picture is Brock's new thing he likes to do in the bathtub now. He's no longer content to just sit there and be bathed. He has to grab everything and wants to be an active participant in the bathing process. I'm not sure if he's trying to rinse himself here or if he thinks the bath cup is a giant sippy that he must drink from, but either way, I was entertained.

Maybe I'll post a special Sunday photo and put the prune pictures up then.

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