Friday, September 30

Friday Photos - Meltdown

The family went to Heritage Park this past Tuesday to celebrate Blaine's mom's birthday. The weather was beautiful and we brought along pizza, cookies, and our picnic blankets to enjoy a low-key family get-together. All of the cousins on that side of the family came out, and it looked like it was going to be a really enjoyable, pleasant evening.... at least for the first 10 minutes it looked that way.

Brock hasn't been taking naps very well for the past couple of weeks and hasn't been as consistent with how much sleep he gets during the day. Tuesday was one of the bad days, and he had only had maybe two 45-minute naps that day (on his best days he takes three naps that are at least an hour, sometimes two hours long). So as soon as we got to the park, I planned to feed him and take his mind off of the sleepiness. Unfortunately, I couldn't get his food ready fast enough and something set him off so this is how our nice evening started off:

As soon as Brock started wailing and crying, his little cousin Anna started screaming along with him. Whether it was sympathy cries or just that she didn't like the loud noises he was making, it was so sad seeing the giant tears coming out of her eyes. They were both unhappy campers, which made the temperature outside go up like 50 degrees for me as several other park-goers started indiscreetly looking over at the blanket of boo-hooing babies, and I got a little anxious and concerned that all my hopes for this lovely evening were about to fall flat.

All's well that ends well, though, right? I got some food in Brock, and we got him calmed down and Grandmama Elaine held him for practically the rest of the evening so he just relaxed and we all had a great time, as evidenced by the peace in this photo and by all these other pictures (in my Facebook album).

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  1. AWW! Glad all turned out well despite the screaming, I always thought Blaine B-day was in August?