Friday, September 23

Friday Photos - Sitting Pretty

Brock is learning yet another new skill these days, and this one really makes him seem like a big boy to me. He's been sitting up with assistance for a few weeks now, like propped up on the couch or with pillows, but lately when he's in my lap he doesn't want to lean back so he'll pull himself forward until he's sitting up straight. I decided to start letting him practice this on his own while in his bed or on the couch or our bed and he actually doesn't seem to be too far away from getting it. He can't stay up for long and he tends to lean forward and grab his toes, but he's catching on. On the agenda for this weekend is to move his bed down to the lower level just in case one day he decides to suddenly figure out during naptime how to pull himself to sitting.

Here's the sequence of events from sitting to toppling over (also note the open-mouthed stare he does so well):

In some of these pictures you can see a little dark spot on one of the bumpers... 
"How about you just let me relax here a bit?"
I just wanted to point out that this is a drool spot because he buries his face and sucks on the bumper while he sleeps. He's done this since he was 4 months old.

"Good grief, lady, that camera flash is killing me!"

Face plant, woops

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