Friday, December 16

Friday Photos - O Christmas Tree

Brock is really scooting around now with his army crawl and can get from point A to point B pretty quickly. Sometimes when I turn the lights of the Christmas tree on, he gets really curious and makes a beeline to investigate the strange green thing with balls and lights on it in the middle of our living room. I've had to move all the ornaments off of the lowest branches since we've already lost a couple to the hardwood floor. You'll notice I've delayed putting any gifts under the tree yet, mostly because I don't want to have to worry about wrapping them multiple times. But I do like seeing his fascination and interest and watching him try to figure out what he's looking at. It's fun to see things through a child's eyes.

I just liked how his little hands were folded over each other in this picture. He seems so content to be there.

Brock is the only human that Piper unwillingly cuddles with. She's still not sure about him, but he's really starting to love her.

Dear Santa, if this is my Christmas present, I hope you included the gift receipt. Nah, just kidding... I wouldn't take this gift back (well, depending on which day you ask me).

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  1. Love seeing him grow via your blog! Love the pic of Brock and Piper!