Friday, December 9

Missing Friday Photo - Peppermint Sticks

Oops, I missed last week's picture again. I had already taken the pictures, and I even typed out the little paragraph below, but I never got around to actually loading the pictures or putting them on the blog. So here they are now from last week. Life is getting a little busier around here, but hopefully I can stay on track from now on.

There is Christmas candy all around my house, and Blaine has been enjoying it lately. With Brock's current "You've got something; I want it" mentality, Blaine couldn't just enjoy a peppermint stick this week without some curious hands (and a mouth) joining in. Luckily, Daddy shares well with others (now, Mommy, on the other hand...). Something about these pictures remind me of the movie Lady & The Tramp.

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