Friday, December 23

Friday Photos - Special Delivery

Did anyone order a baby in a box? I know I've been on a lot lately this past month buying Christmas gifts, but I don't remember purchasing this item and I've yet to find a return slip in the package:

This is what happens when Blaine is home on Christmas break and taking care of Brock for me while I'm working. Blaine's thought process probably went something like this: Empty box + Baby that looks like he'd fit inside box = Great idea! I must admit, Brock really did seem to enjoy being in the box and Blaine even sliced one of the flaps on the side of the box into cardboard fringe so Brock can play with them and chew on them. It doubles as a train when you pull it around the room saying "Choo-Choo," and there was even talk of expanding this idea into a "Box Kingdom" with forts and crawl spaces and such. It was just funny to me when I saw Brock in there because I don't know that I would have ever viewed that empty diaper box as a source of entertainment. I guess maybe I just need to learn to think outside the box (pun intended).

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  1. There you have the difference between the male and female thought process ha!