Friday, December 9

Friday Photos - See Rock City

As I've mentioned before, Brock loves lights. Lights and ceiling fans. These things have always captivated him since he could first focus and see them. Because of his fascination with lights, I've been excited to see how he would react to all the Christmas decorations up during this time of year. Unfortunately, he doesn't really notice them in the car because his carseat doesn't have a great vantage point. He likes the ones on our Christmas tree and on the outside of our house, but that's about all he's gotten to experience so far. So we thought it would be a fun outing to take him to see the Enchanted Garden of Lights at Rock City. We got together with Brock's cousins, Anna and Taylor, and Uncle Casey and Aunt "LaLa" (Lee) and took a trip to Lookout Mountain last night to see Rock City.

All bundled up and ready for the adventure

His first view of all the lights. He was pretty amazed!

He wanted to touch every tree we walked past.

This face pretty much sums up how much fun he was having

Starting to get a little sleepy toward the end of the walk

Annndddd... this is around the time the babies reached their breaking point. Taylor was still enjoying himself though.

We did get a quick picture with Santa before the breakdown though. Anna wasn't too fond of him, and I think Brock just hadn't realized yet that some strange man was holding him. I do love that these two are so close in age. I think they'll have lots of fun growing up together.

Overall the trip was a success, and Brock really seemed to enjoy seeing all the different colored lights. I'd like to make it a yearly tradition to take them and see the lights, but maybe we'll just find some neighborhood that has a lot of houses lit up because it was pretty cold on the top of the mountain and Rock City is kind of crazy expensive! It was fun though, and I'm sure it's something Brock will remember forever ;)

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  1. so neat! I look forward to seeing Christmas lights, now that I'm up front in our new van, and can see and enjoy those. Judging by the picture, with santa Brock was much braver than most!