Friday, December 30

Friday Photos - First Christmas

This week is a special edition of the Friday photo because you get two for the price of one - pictures and a video. Since I already uploaded our Christmas pictures of Brock on Facebook, I figured I needed to add something extra to the blog, so I'm including the video of him opening some of his gifts. You'll have to ignore all the silly adults making ridiculous noises in the background.

I really loved seeing him experience Christmas this year. I know he didn't totally have a clue what was going on and why we were throwing all these boxes with paper at him to tear up (when for the past week he had been told no when he tried to touch those same boxes). And other than a few rips here and there he didn't actually open any of his gifts, but he did seem to appreciate the new toys and things he received, and I liked that he actually looked excited about all of it.

For the record, most of the gifts in the pictures were not for him, and most of the ones that were for him came from grandparents and great grandparents; Blaine and I stuck to the Three Gifts practice we had decided on (but with all the excitement, we forgot to even give him our presents until he'd gone to bed that night so he opened those the morning after Christmas). I would also like to state for the record (not sure why I'm acting like I'm on trial here) that we put up in storage a lot of the gifts he received, to bring out later after he gets tired or bored with some of the others we kept out. I got this idea from my sister-in-law, Erica, and thought it was a great method because it helps to prevent them from getting completely overwhelmed with toys, and they can really appreciate a few at a time. (I'm starting to think I may have a little bit of a hangup about trying to keep Brock from becoming overly materialistic?)

Anyway, we had a great holiday this year, and Brock was so much fun for his first Christmas! I really look forward to seeing him appreciate and enjoy it more and more every year (until he becomes a teenager and has to act cool).

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